Work at NSSD112

We know looking for jobs – and for some of you maybe your first job out of college – can be intimidating. At NSSD112, we strive to make your first year in our organization a smooth transition and a place you can thrive professionally. With a focus on positive psychology practices, a mentorship program and access to high-quality technology, we provide the tools you need to build a successful, long-term career and make a difference in the lives of students.  

Positive Psychology

At NSSD112 we believe that getting school environments and cultures right makes everything else possible and creates a place where students want to learn, teachers want to teach and leaders want to lead. This is why over the past several years our staff have intentionally learned about and focused on positive psychology. 

Creating happiness within schools really starts with supporting the general wellness of staff by focusing on their social-emotional health. Through reading the books “The Happiness Advantage” and “Big Potential” by Harvard positive psychologist Shawn Achor and taking part in The Orange Frog training, staff have learned that creating a culture of happiness is vital to long-term staff and student success. 

Our investment in staff wellbeing means that not only are staff more satisfied, but our students are reaping the benefits as well. In hundreds of studies worldwide, The Orange Frog has shown that happiness raises creativity, test scores, and productive energy and buffers against stress, anxiety, and depression. 


NSSD112 goes one step further in supporting the wellbeing of our new staff both personally and professionally by providing all first-year staff the support of a job-alike mentor, as well as a building mentor, and all second-year staff having the continued support of a building mentor. 

The mentorship program builds strong relationships with non-tenured staff and provides support for them through observation, feedback and reflection so you are empowered to be an effective instructor and collaborative colleague. 

First-year staff can expect:  

  • Weekly meetings with a 1:1 job alike mentor 
  • Monthly meeting with a building mentor 
  • Two Lesson Studies with observation and a reflection post-conference
  • Opportunities to observe other staff members
  • *Special Education Staff have additional case manager training

*Note: We offer a tiered system of support for new staff with experience. 


Our district has invested in a 1:1 device program for students and high-quality technology for staff. We believe giving you access to these digital tools can lead to increased student engagement and facilitate personalized learning. We love seeing staff innovate using technology and encouraging collaboration and student engagement. We can’t wait to see what new ideas you will generate!